Monday, 11 April 2011

Lush New Products.

Lush New Products.
Ceridwen Cauldron

This is great if you got psoriais skin and when you have a flare up it has so many soothing oats ans oils that it reduces red ness and the annoying itch which helps you to destress.

Walnut Oil Walnut oil is rich in vitamins it also had omega 3 fatty acids turing your bath into a nuritioous soak for ths skin.

Whole Oats They infuse in the water to cretae a soothing oat milk for you skin.

Dream Wash
The showe Soap with calamine and chamolie and loads of soothing herbs, this lovely calming shower soap brings peach to troubled skin.

Japan Soap
i bought this to help japan all the money when you buy this soap goes to japan so all these products should last me though april and i enjoy using them.

I bought these with my own money this is my honest opion no one is sponsering me.

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