Monday, 28 June 2010

Avon Goodies

I Bought this Key Necklace from Avon as well its cute and goes with anything.
Hop you like my avon hall.


I Bought this with my own money

Avon Goodies

Hello Kitty Beach Bag i love this from avon bought this for my hoilidays in ireland to so handy.


I bought this with my own money

Avon Goodies

I bought these perjamers in avon for my hoiliday in ireland avon do come up with my things now and again.

Bought these with my own money

Friday, 25 June 2010

Hair routine

Another part of my routine aswell i use John frieda Frizz Ease Straight fixation.
This Frizz ease Straightens for 24 hours and gives silky straight with body and bounce.
This prodyct is a lightweight creme that conditioned with high shine for 24 hours and
resistsfrizz in humidity.

Frizz Ease Heat Defeat
Nourishes and straightens
Optimise straight styles for up to 24 hours this protective spray straigytens and rehydrate strandswhilst helping to block humidity.


I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hair routine

I bought the Hohn Frieda collection Root awakening

Shampoo Improves hair health from root.
With natural Eucalyptus Invigorayes for bouncy and strong hair.

conditioner Root awakening with Eucalyptus strenghen the roots for stronger and shiner.
strenght infusing conditioner nourishes normal hair for healthier looking shine and bounces hair.

Root Awakening Strenghth Boosting Leave in spray
with naturals Eucalyptus Nourishes for healthier looking growth and shine plus vitamin for healthier hair.


bought this with my own money this is my honest review.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Max Factor

This is what it look inside it`s great if you were new to max factor as a starter kit


I bought this with my own money
This is my honest view

Max Factor

I went into boots to get the max factor mascara to try and they were givinh away a free summer gift but you have to spen £15 to get the free gift so the mascara was £10.99 i think and the blush was £5.99 i got rosy glow it realy nice on the cheeks i haven`t tried max factor blushes before but i do like.


I bought thia with my own money
This is my honest view

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Next Lip Balm

Next Lip Balm
Cherry Lip Balm

Sunday, 20 June 2010

sanctuary spa convent garden

In This Travel Set
Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak
This is a wounderfull sumptous foaming bubble bath soak enriched with moisturising wheat protein and soathing aloe vera which will fill you bath with bubbles and make you skin feeling lovely and smoothe.

Sanctuary mandelular Sensous Body Souffle
Which i think is a moisturising lotion for body but not face.

Sanctuary Body Scrub
With this you buff your skin daily with natural pumice rejuvenating patchouli and southing orange oil.
This gentl polishing gel body scrub can be used to rejuenate smooth skin and give it a nice glow.

And that all inside the travel kit.

This is mu hones opion and i bought this with my own money.

sanctuary spa convent garden

I bought this in boots and you get a free travel bag which is ideal for traveling on hoilidays.
Santuary spa convent garden
This santuary spa Mande Lular product is to belive that it`s nourish your skin and help to recreate this luxurious and sensours indonesian body look.
It`s a shower oil that foarm up in water.
It`s moiturising with orchid oil and can be used as a mild cleansers, it`s smoothing sweet almond and softering coconut oil. it act as a clean and soften leaveing your skin
smmothe and silk.

Lather on to wet skin in the bath or shower using a sponge or a cloth then rinse well after use and pat dry gentle.
Musen`t use on face.
and it against animal testing.

So i`ve tried it and very happy with it

This is my honest opion i bought this with my own money

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Look of the day

Look of the day

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Beach Fashion

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Summer Must Have

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What makes me happy

The Summer does make me happy
I love having beach days when i sit on
the beach and enjoy the sea air and enjoy the sun as well.
It make you relax and cherrish beach days even more.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

How to get the flawless face

1.Loreal face prima as a base
2. Benefit georgours foundation
3.Barry M Bronzer
4. Benefit Coralista
5.Hello Kitty Lip Balm
6.Nars Turkish Delight
7. Mac Mineral skin finish in natural.
8.Elf complexion Blush
9.187 Brush
This will give you a flawless face in the summer mounth enjoy.