Monday, 11 April 2011

Lsh Limited Edition

Lush Limited Edition

Donkey Oaty
The Easter Donkey
The easter donkey is chivalrous and wise, our donkey brother smells like thier creamy chocolate scented charity pot lotion. This is a spectacular colours that will spend the drearinges of winter packing.

Hippy Chick

This is a zangy grapefruit ballstic the bohemian refreshing scents, of frankincense and citus essentials, oils will perk up even the most boring baths and frizzes into the water. Drop it in when your in the need for spring.

Fluffy Egg
This is a sweet and pink fluffy egg great for kids and anyone who loves bubblegum and bannaa samescen as the snow fairy shower gell, it makes the water turn pink, wounderfull like candy floss.
I will enjoy using these these for easter and im happy i bought the purchase.
I bought these with my own money no one is sponsering me this is my honeset opion.

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