Friday, 31 July 2009

7 things you love in life

1. My fiance he special to me we met in town Market Tavern a hotel, we been together for 3 years, now and still going strong.

2. My family My mum and dad they always there for me when i need them.

3. My Dog Holly American Bulldog nearly 2 years old she is very loyal and caring and always giving me hugs.

4. Holidays in my caravan down west wales.

5. Shopping in Cardiff for clothes and makeup.

6. Food desert I enjoy eating out.

7. I love reading books in my spare time.

Bye for now xoxo angel29able.

Please followe me.

Me and Holly

This is Holly my American Bulldog who is 17 months old how sweet is she.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

What I`m using right now tag taken from lolllipop26 and fafinettez3.

Shampoo- Loreal Paris Elive shampoo, nutri-gloss light.
Conditioner- Tiresome extra dry, brittle hair professional formula, use once a week, leave in for ten minutes, then rinse off.
Heat protein protection mist Toni and Guy.
Gloss- Loreal parris elvive conditioning mist nuti gloss light leave in.
Body wash- Lush bath faizzy and any bath beauty wash.
Body moisturiser- E45 body lotion great for dry sensitive skin.
Anti prespirent spray.
Make up remover-no7 or oil olay facial wipes.
Cleanser-Clique step 1 rinse off formula.
Exfoliate-clique once a week.
Clique toner step 2 every day.
Make up
Foundation-Benefit Rebel tinted moisture for oily combination skin.
Concealer-Mac studio sculpt NW20 which is so smooth great for oily skin.
Powder-maybeline loose powder minerals.
Blush-Mac dame, very pink.
Eyeshadow- Urban Decay Deluxe Edition and the Armor palette are my favourites.
Mascara, LoreaL Telescopic drugstore.
Lipstick-Revlon Vintage Pink.
Gloss- Mac Love Nector.
This is my Tag hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Secret Things

My Secret Crush.?
Well at the moment i haven't had one in 3 years but before that it was Ant and Dec they always fascinate me with they personality.

My Guilty Pleasure.?
I love eating chocolate, crisps, chips, and worst of all coke, is my worst nightmare i`m additive to it.

My secret confidence boaster.?
I love having my hair done and looking good after the salon it make me feel good when i`m walking around town and shopping centers.

My secret make up must have.?
I love conceler and foundation at the moment i`m using Mac studio Sculpt Cornela £10.00, before i was using Maybeline Matte mouse, concealer. It was £6.00 what a great different in price.

Foundation i`m using Benefit Rebel tinted moisturiser you rebel lite. It`s great for oily combination skin.
I also love using lip gloss and lip balm.
Lip balm i`m using is Yes Yes Yes body shop £5.00
Lip gloss Love Nector by Mac £10.50
Both are great.

My secret fear?
I hate spiders especially when they start to moving near you.

Best hoiliday i`ve ever had?
when i went to Spain in Cost Del Sol and Egypt i did enjoy the holiday even know i damage my back.

Worst Date?
Meeting someone of the Internet when i was 20 diden`t tell know one i was going and ended up in Swansea that was an adventer to member.
Thank for reading.
Bye xoxo angel29able

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In and out 1 fe

Hi, Everyone today i like to talk about my new favourite things which i bought this month,

so the first things are 1. Foundation you Rebel tinted moisture by benefit £21.00.

I`ve used it for a couple of days and i do like it allot it doesn't break me as out i`m quite pale which also have oily combination skin. So they recommend i use a tinted moisture for a try first it does give a nice colour once blended, i use it with a mac 190 foundation brush.

2. I like to talk about the Urban Decay pallet the colours which are in it are Smog Mildew Oil slick Last call Chopper Maui Wowie Shattered Polyester Bride Grif ter Sin.

They all nice colours my favourite one is last call it like a purple pink i think the urban decay pallete stand out really well.

3. Mac Lip Gloss Love nector great for a starter in Mac.

4. Britney Spears perfume i Beleive it a great floral summer smell.


I bought the dove sun lotion tanning personally i diddent get along with it and it diddent work for me i think you would have to attemp to put it on every day before summer to see a real differnt.

2. Out with old clothes this mounth that doesent fit and in with the new ones ready for winter.

3. out with the cocoa butter body lotion the smell is awful and it feels quite thick on you skin, i think the smell that put me off.

Hope you all having a great week.

It`s Night night off to bed now.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Hi, These are the Elf Lip Gloss I`ve got so far which I do the the angel gloss which is the clear gloss they do have a fragrance smell to them as wel.
They quite smoothe on you lips as well, they do make you lips very shiny and abit of glitter to them.

Hi Everyone, I like to talk about the new Barry M lip Gloss and Elf Gloss Basically Lip Gloss,

So here at the pictures.

What you Think.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I like to talk about the Barry m 101 Mashmalow Lipstick which I`ve recently got it`s a great pigment and a nude colour.
Also bought the Barry M 129 Lavender Lipstick was also a great pigment they both great colours to try.
I`m into recently Barry M Dazzle Dust eyeshadow and i bought number 29 i think they great.
So why not try them out.