Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Benefit Crescent row perfume

what the perfume says.
3. So hooked on Carmella
"when it comes to Carmella
don`t ask and don`t tell
a light touch has admires
under her spell
her sweet sensuality
no one would guess
so exquitsite enticing
an intimate caress.

4. Laugh with me lee lee.
Her playfull wink
and mischievous smile
the flirtious side
of her innocent style
no though or worry
of what meant to be
first laughter then love
along come lee lee.

FTC i was giving this as a christmas present all opion are my own.

Benefit Crescent row perfume

1. Garden of good Eva.
What the perfume says on the box
"come away with eva breeze down a lush lane
she`s the fresh rush of splendor
you can`t quite explain.
so vividly vibrant
with a carefree demeanor,
she whirls off to a place
where grasses are greener."

2. Looking to rock rita.
what the perfume says.
"rita ready to rock
and dressed to thrill
with a flower for risks
brillant dreams to fullfill.
juiced up on extras
and dazzling fashions
a modern day paradise
of shake it up passions."

FTC i was giving this as a christmas present this is my hhonest opion.

Benefit Crescent row perfume

I had this lovely gift set for christmas of my darling fiance and it well worth the gift set cost £35-00 for 4 perfume trial size and in this collection you get.

1. Garden of Eva
2. looking to rock rita.
3. So hooked on Carmella
4. Laugh with me lee lee

Well worth the price.

FTC I was giving this for a christmas present all opion are my own this is my honest reveiw.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Drugstore Face powders

This is the me me me one the newset one i love from superdrug.
This is my rundown on drustore face powders that i tried this year.

I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion.

Drugstore Face powders

Also love the elf face powder which you can use as blusher bronzer and highlighter or all over face powder to give a nice glow also i have the me me me face powder which is my newsest one which is lovely as well.

I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion.

Drugstore Face powders

Over the year i`ve bought some face powders to try and absoloute love and work with me plus you don`t have to spend much money on them apart from one which is mac skin finish natural but that a once of purchase.
I have rimmel stay clear complexion chap enought and works well over foundation to give a smoothe finishe look.
Maybeline i love this one feels silky and smoothe over any foundation drugstore or high end brand.
Tesco cheape range works just as well over any foundation as well.
I have so many more.

I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Benefit Badgal lash mascara

Badgal Lash
The award wining black mascara which lays on nice and thick for the baddest lashes.
I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion and i will repurchase this again.

Benefit eye cream eyeshadow

This is a beautifull eyecream shadow that you can wear all over the lid and keep it simply you can apply it with a fluffy blush.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Blush of november

Maybelin in rose it`s a soft fall colour i`ve used this the whole of november it could last along time it was about £4.00 roughly maybeline do sell nice blush for a drugstore i would by this again it gives a nice glow to the cheek for fall.

Bought this with my own money this is my honest opion and no is sponering me for the review.

Urban defence foundation

I`ve been using this foundation for the whole of ocotober and november and find it is a reat foundation for my skin im the colour halo cost about £21-00 roughly it`s a tinted moisturiser foundation but i use it has a foundation great for fall and it gives full coverage i will repurchased again.
The product says it has spf 20 which is great and it`s paraben free.
It`s full of multi mineral complex, urban defence battles radical damage skin, it`s free of oil parabens and fragrance.
You can wear it alone for a light coverage or under powder for a polished look. It has moisture all in one.

I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion i will repurchased again no one is sponsering me for this review.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

lush Glogg christmas post

This is a spicy cinnamon shower gell, that make you feel very warm and nice.
It has orange juice which is filled with nutrients and vitamins, which benefits cleans the skin, and tones.

Smells of cinnamon leaf oil used fora spicy warming with an uplifting scents that help the mood.

Red Wine
This revitalize the skin and smell nice and warm and cozy for winter.

It has alot of benefits


I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Lush Christmas Post

Satsuma santa bath ballistic

This satsumo bath ballsitic has mandamin and bergamont oils to make rainy days seems brighter with orage blosom drop it under running water to be filled with fragrances.

Lush Christmas Post

Christmas Eve Bubble Bath

This smells of jasmin and young ylang, scented bubble bar that crumble under runing hot water, just keep it safe till christmas eve.

Lush Christmas Post

Bearded Lady Bubble Bar

This smells of moisturising oat milk, with fresh avocados and bannas. With jojoba and almond oil to soften you skin you just crumble under running water for a frothy bath.

Lush review and mini hall

This comws with a variety of fragrances such as four bath time treats, called gingerbread fizz lil chrismas pudding, cinders, candycone.

Gingerbread house
This bath time product is spicy warming and scrumtous just crumble under runing water, fragrance cinnamon and ginger, keep it for when it`s snow outside to warm you up in the bath.

Christmas pudding
Has soothing aloe vera, with refreshing lemon peel and spicy, clove, a great way to enjoy after a hangover or a long day shopping.

Pop this into the bath and you will her it crack with the runing water it has spicy cinnamon leaf, and orange and almound oi, a proper fairy godmother soap.

Candy Cane

This is a twist of pink buble bar, packed with vanilla for it`s calming soothing and comforting. It known to softening the skin, relly forms up the bath.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Urban Decay Naked Pallete

FTC Bought this with my own money this is my honest opion.
I would reckonmend this product and will repurchased again.

Urban Decay Naked Pallete

This is a really good neutral pallete that can do so many diffeen looks night or day a must have eyeshadow kit.

This product was bought with my own money this is my honest opoion.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I love these fall images ive found on phtobucket reminds me christmas isnt long away now just looking at these phtos seems magical.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Prime of you life

Primark Prima prime of you life

This prima is called prime of you life, it cost £3.00 in primark reminds me of benefit that gal which i love i have pink undertone skin, so i was interested to c if this would work the same.
Well i am impressed it doesent give breakouts and gives a nice shine to the face like a glow didnt have any breakouts even after two weeks of using it well impressed.
Im still on the hunt for the perfect prima so far it benefit that gall and this new primark one. I still have alot to work my way through but these two are deffintely winners so far.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lush Dream Cream

Lush Dream Cream

Lush dream cream is for troubled skin it has chamomile and lavender to make it smeel nice. Some lavender can cause irration. Lush dream cream reduces redness and blotches. It great for sensitive skin.
This dream cream is great for eczema skin smoothe it and locks in moisture.
Ive tried it on my hands and feet it works well after a bath i find just before you go to bed it make you feet and hand soft al night.
ive tried it all the body as a moisturiser and works well after the bath.
It a good moisturiser.
it works great on hand and feet and all the body.
I had this 2 mounths now and find it great for my skin.
It doesnt cause breakout on me.
And doenst irrate ecema skin.

I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion and im not being paid or sponsered for this review.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Look of the day

Look Of The Day

these i took in ireland i fought i share somw with you

These are my own phtos this is my honeset opiion im not being paid or sponsered for these phtos.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Christian Dior Lip balm

Christian Dion Creme De Rose

Smoothing plumping with spf 10 lip balm
It give a nice shine and gloss to the lips i use this moring and night my neew love for september at the moment.

I bough this with my own money this is my honest opion im not being sponsered or paid for the review

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Face Prima

I bough 2 prima while i was in ireland and they were rimmel prima and smashbox prima
i will do a review im still on the search for the best prima for me so far its still benefit that gall but we seaa.

Hoiliday Hall

Bean on hoiliday to ireland and bought a few things whiles i was out there.
two Face prima Smashbox Prima and rimmel prima to try and i do a review soon.
Moisturisen cream by mac
Benefit blush brush
and many more.