Monday, 11 October 2010

Prime of you life

Primark Prima prime of you life

This prima is called prime of you life, it cost £3.00 in primark reminds me of benefit that gal which i love i have pink undertone skin, so i was interested to c if this would work the same.
Well i am impressed it doesent give breakouts and gives a nice shine to the face like a glow didnt have any breakouts even after two weeks of using it well impressed.
Im still on the hunt for the perfect prima so far it benefit that gall and this new primark one. I still have alot to work my way through but these two are deffintely winners so far.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lush Dream Cream

Lush Dream Cream

Lush dream cream is for troubled skin it has chamomile and lavender to make it smeel nice. Some lavender can cause irration. Lush dream cream reduces redness and blotches. It great for sensitive skin.
This dream cream is great for eczema skin smoothe it and locks in moisture.
Ive tried it on my hands and feet it works well after a bath i find just before you go to bed it make you feet and hand soft al night.
ive tried it all the body as a moisturiser and works well after the bath.
It a good moisturiser.
it works great on hand and feet and all the body.
I had this 2 mounths now and find it great for my skin.
It doesnt cause breakout on me.
And doenst irrate ecema skin.

I bought this with my own money this is my honest opion and im not being paid or sponsered for this review.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Look of the day

Look Of The Day

these i took in ireland i fought i share somw with you

These are my own phtos this is my honeset opiion im not being paid or sponsered for these phtos.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Christian Dior Lip balm

Christian Dion Creme De Rose

Smoothing plumping with spf 10 lip balm
It give a nice shine and gloss to the lips i use this moring and night my neew love for september at the moment.

I bough this with my own money this is my honest opion im not being sponsered or paid for the review