Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Summer Books

Summer Books
Beach Blondes
By Katherin Applegate

What the back says on the book summer smith is in for the best summer of her life between the cold weather and her boyfriends existence in minnesota, summer is ready for the sun, and the boys is in florida keys. And by te end of her first day, she has more than enough to keep her busy.

Adam the senator son has looks, power and all the money in the world.

Diver The mystery man is mellow intriguing and definetely unique.

And seth te perfect guy only he has a girlfriend.

This looks like a cool book to read and i hope i enjy it.

I bought this with my own money no one is sponsering me this is my honest opion.

Summer Books

Summer Books

I bought some books to read over the next three mounths and im looking forward to read them they are beach blondes, tan lines and spring break.

I bought these with my own money no one is sponsering me this is my honest opion.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lush New Products.

Lush New Products.
Ceridwen Cauldron

This is great if you got psoriais skin and when you have a flare up it has so many soothing oats ans oils that it reduces red ness and the annoying itch which helps you to destress.

Walnut Oil Walnut oil is rich in vitamins it also had omega 3 fatty acids turing your bath into a nuritioous soak for ths skin.

Whole Oats They infuse in the water to cretae a soothing oat milk for you skin.

Dream Wash
The showe Soap with calamine and chamolie and loads of soothing herbs, this lovely calming shower soap brings peach to troubled skin.

Japan Soap
i bought this to help japan all the money when you buy this soap goes to japan so all these products should last me though april and i enjoy using them.

I bought these with my own money this is my honest opion no one is sponsering me.

Lsh Limited Edition

Lush Limited Edition

Donkey Oaty
The Easter Donkey
The easter donkey is chivalrous and wise, our donkey brother smells like thier creamy chocolate scented charity pot lotion. This is a spectacular colours that will spend the drearinges of winter packing.

Hippy Chick

This is a zangy grapefruit ballstic the bohemian refreshing scents, of frankincense and citus essentials, oils will perk up even the most boring baths and frizzes into the water. Drop it in when your in the need for spring.

Fluffy Egg
This is a sweet and pink fluffy egg great for kids and anyone who loves bubblegum and bannaa samescen as the snow fairy shower gell, it makes the water turn pink, wounderfull like candy floss.
I will enjoy using these these for easter and im happy i bought the purchase.
I bought these with my own money no one is sponsering me this is my honeset opion.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Body shop

Body Shop

I added 2 new brushes to my collection and the bodyshop brushes are amazing and good quality to work with very impressed with them so i bought the blush brush by body shop and the eyeshadow blender brush so i put these with my collection and then they give me a sample of the body shop vitamin e body lotion to try so very happy to start using these.

I bought these with my own money no one is sponsering me this is my honest opion.

Mr Bright by Benefit

Mr Bright By Benefit
I bought this very cute set from benefit and i really do like it il use it all over spring and summer comes with girl meets gitl,2posietint 3, high beam, 4, erase paste.

1. Girl meets pearl what they say, for an all over lit, from within glow lighlty blend the golden pink liquid pearl accent on top of the makeup or wear it alone.

2. Posietint, for a natural poppy pink flush to rival the girl next door apply 3 small strokes of this long wearing tint onto the apples of you cheeks and blend quickly with you finger tips in an outward sweeping motion.

3.High beam Irresistible to any man im guaranteed pick me up wear me as a liquid spotlight for your cheekbones brow and bones and bridge of your nose the effect is dreamy and looks nice.

4. Erase Paste. Erase the look of flaws in a flash with this creamy industrial strengh concelar dab a dot on imperfections or swipe it under you eyes to help reduce the appearnce of dark circles and discolorations.
Im happy with this purchase and use it alot.
I bought this with my own money this is my honest opiion.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring Hoilidays Photos

Spring hoiliday Phtos

These phtos are of me and my dog holly on the beach and in the park so lovely i look really wind swept as you can tell.