Sunday, 28 March 2010

Lush Haul Easter Time

This is what it look like.

Lush Haul Easter Time

Lip Scrub
Rub a little gently into you lips to scrub them smoothe and soft.

Lush Haul Easter Time

This look like a rainbow and turn the bubble bath sky blue.
Smell like ylang ylang and orange blossom.

Lush Haul Easter Time

Fluffy Egg
This is a Bath Ballistic smell of candy perfume into a compact egg.
Just drop it into a hot bath and let it fizz.

Lush Haul Easter Time

Honey Bun

This is a Bath Ballistic Smell Divine Smell like honey it`s great for soothers you skin.
Drop it into the bath and let it fizz.

Lush Haul Easter Time

Hippy Chick
Drop this in the bath for a fresh and fruity soak.
Smells of lemon i think.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

outfit of the day

This is my outfit of the day i wore this to the x factor show yesterday in cardiff.

Friday, 19 March 2010

sneek peak at my makeup storage

This give an idea what the storage look like inside this is my lips dra
Bought this with my own money.

sneek peak at my makeup storage

Bought this in whsmiths in cardiff fought it will do to store some of my makeup.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Clinque Superfit Foundation Review

This foundation phtograph lovely
especially for wedding or any photos.
This foundation last all day on you face.
It`s best applied with the 190 mac foundation brush.
It gives full coverage, and easy to blend.
I do really like this foundation.
It`s great for oily combination skin.
It cost about 20 pounds.
I`ve tried mac mineralized skin inish natural over the top which works well
i thinks that it give it a glow.
I`ve also tried mac blot powder over the top to set the foundation which look really nice
as well.
I havent tried the studion fix powder yet so i will try that one next but i do love the blot
powder more over the top of the foundation.
Overall I will repuchased this again.
I bought this with my own money this is my own honest opion.

Collective Hall

I decided to buy myself over the mounth Nars Sher Glow
Sleek cotour kit
Mac Moring Glory LipGloss
My first empty mac pallete to fill with neutral eyeshadows.


Bought these with mu own money.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Urben Decay Alice in Wounderland

Sneekpeak of alice

FTC Bought this withmy own money

Urben Decay Alice in Wounderland

These are the colours

Urben Decay Alice in Wounderland

So this is the pallete that come quite popular so i fought i buy one and check one out it`s very glittery pallette not allot of matt colours but overall i like it.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Benefit that gal face prima review

So I'm currently in the search for the best face Prima that good for oily combination skin so i have two so far which i`l do both reviews on and they are Benefit that gal face Prima. And Elf mineralzied face Prima. So far the benefit that gal Prima wining.

I do want to try mac face prima and Dr feel good by benefit, and smash box. I`l do a updated review every couple of months. By the end of the year i should have a decent primathat wins and that good for my skin type.

The packaging is cute I like the idea it looks like a glue stick.
When you pull the cap off it has little hols that you twist and the product comes out.
The colour is pink undertone, great for oily combination skin and in the T Zone Area.
It cost about £20.00 you do get allot of product with it. You put it on after moisturiser and leave it soak in for five to 15 minutes. It leaves you skin really smooth and nice. It is a brightening face prima, that gives you face a nice glow.
It smells like stawberries as well.
It is a pricey product but i will repuchased this agin.
I purchased this with my own money.